Christmas Speech for 2020 - Easy Yet Effective

Christmas Speech

Christmas is here and all the magic of love, joy and hope is in the air. No Christmas is complete without a Christmas Speech.  It could be your church, your school or just a family gathering. It is important for a speech to be short, not bore the audience and also to be very powerful. The Christmas Speech should reach not only the ears but the heart and mind of every possible person listening to you. Having a positive effect through your Christmas speech actually means a lot. So, here we have two Christmas Speech for you to articulate to your lively, jolly Christmassy audience.

Christmas Speech 1

Growing up in Goa, Christmas season, for me, was always part of the year that had it all. The church activities and events that we participated in diligently, the decorations that made homes seem like some paradise, the school annual days before the break. Sitting around the table preparing nevrios, kormola, and marzipan, as well as putting up the decorations with the entire family were two of the most important things of my childhood. So was prepping for the big day both externally and internally, as the priests repeated in their sermons. I call December as ‘December Dark Circles’ in my head since I was fifteen. As I grew up a little and moved away, I guess these things were important, but more important was just getting home in time for Christmas after the semester end exams. The first Christmas I spent away from home was also an affirmation that just because a day is supposed to be grand in the world, it doesn’t have to be for an individual.

But that’s about me. Here’s something I want to tell. It might seem like another of the long sermons, so I hope I don’t bore anyone. I have been reading Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women and that book starts at Christmas. Four young girls sacrifice their own grand Christmas meal so that a poor family gets a good one. They get rewarded by a rich neighbour who is kind enough to send them a feast. Kindness is rewarded by kindness. There’s a song about a boy who goes to a store to get shoes for his ill mother. A kind gentleman, the singer gives him the money to get the shoes. It’s a beautiful book and a beautiful song. Everything about Christmas is. That’s Christmas. It’s beautiful.

Let’s celebrate this beautiful Christmas together by doing something different and positive this Christmas. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. 

christmas speech

Christmas Speech 2

On this Christmas day, i.e the 25th of December, Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary. This Life and the Faith that Jesus taught us assures us of salvation, assures us also of harmony and good life upon Earth. It is absolutely true that there is no perfection in humanity but it is this beauty in the world that keeps us going and keeps us away from despair.

Christmas is a beautiful season, with not just the Christmas carols playing in the homes and the lovely decoration that one puts up during Christmas, with the immense emotions that one carries during Christmas. It’s the Jolly river that flows carrying Love, Hope and Peace.

Everyone enjoys Christmas and the decorations and the lights. I think one being doesn’t. Would you enjoy it if someone took away everything from you and gave you trash in return? Would you like it if I told you that that’s exactly what you’re doing? I’m talking about Earth. I was stubborn as a kid and it was very important to me that we get new streamers for the tree. My parents were even more stubborn and made sure we used the ones that were stored in. New ones were bought once in a few years. But I do feel guilty when I say that even if we didn’t buy streamers and holly, we spent on the lights. Year after year, we purchased them. Sometimes one set, sometimes four. It wasn’t easy keeping them unaffected by the dew in the Goan December in an open balcony. We wanted to show Christ that we were ready for Him. In retrospect, our actions were destroying the very world given to us. Say my family consumed that much plastic for the decorations at Christmas itself. And we were a family with strict parents who stored in our stuff. Now imagine a family that bought new decorations every year at Christmas. Now imagine both these types of families and imagine a big number of them. Now go to every festival, where we decorate using something that isn’t biodegradable. Be it the streamers, the kites or the flags. 

Festivals are to be enjoyed, sure, and Christmas is all about the ‘Spirit of Giving.’ Yet the only giver on a large scale is Mother Earth. We are mere takers who don’t seem to have gratitude enough to give back. She doesn’t ask for much. Just love and nurturing. Maybe if we treated her as our baby, we would take care of it better. Right now we’re expecting her to take care of us a little too much. There is a really small number of people that is careful enough to care in whatever way they can. I want to be one of that number. So this Christmas, I pledge that I will store up in good condition as many decoration items as possible and not buy new ones. And I humbly urge anyone who has come so far in the speech to do something for the environment, too. For in giving, we receive and this Christmas, let’s give wholeheartedly. Merry Christmas to all.

Hope these two Christmas speech templates have helped you reach your Christmas folks in a positive way. May you have a joyous and blessed Christmas.

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