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Do you really love ‘Riverdale’? Check your fan score by answering this quiz on ‘Riverdale’.

On which day did Jason Blossom die?

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What's the Blossom family business?

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What are the names of Polly's children

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Who is the snake charmer of the Southside Serpents?

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What is the name of Jughead's sister?

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Where did Veronica live before moving to Riverdale?

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Who is Josie's mom having an affair with?

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Whom did Veronica and Betty torture?

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Who was Kevin in a relationship with?

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Where did Alice Cooper work?

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Riverdale Quiz
Oh no!

This is sad.
Nice 😉


You're pretty good!

riverdale quiz

You are absolutely amazingg! You are a true Riverdale Fan <3

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