Why are Aeroplane Windows Round?

When you take your seat in an aeroplane, have you ever looked at the windows and wondered why the aeroplane windows are round?There are so many different shapes- square, round, triangle, so why only round? Why not the square Windows like at home?
There’s a reason for this which I will be unleashing below.

For passengers to survive at 30,000 feet, the cabin must be pressurised. This is because the density is very low at higher altitudes. Hence to make this possible, to pressurise the cabin uniformly, round windows are used. So what do you think happens if we use square Windows?
Initially planes had square Windows but it was a bad decision as three planes with square Windows crashed in the 1980s. No sooner that happened that they realised that they must replace the square with round Windows.

aeroplane windows


Square Windows crack as the pressure builds up on the corners of the square and the pressure isn’t distributed uniformly. Hence, now we have nice and safe round Windows in the aeroplanes.

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