You tell me ‘Darling,don’t you cry

As long as I’m there,I’ll make you smile

And every time you say that,my tears dry off and my face lightens up

Lovingly you get me tea in my favourite little cup.

I feel so loved that I stop being hurt

And instead get influenced by your words

With the feeling,with you by my side I could fight anything even without swords.

Whenever I question my worth,

I find you there,staring at me like I’m your most special star

You make me feel special in little-not so little ways,near or far.

You look into my eyes and say that you love me

And you always say it irrespective of where you be

And Every time I close my eyes,i just picture your smile.

That beautiful smile,which you say is because of me

And When I look at myself now,Something more beautiful I see

I think I finally feel I’m worth all your love

It’s your love with magic which has made this possible somehow.

Now I know,I was worth your love all this while

And now I understand,No wonder looking at me you always smile.

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